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What happens if COVID Travel Restrictions stop me from coming?

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for all travelers to ensure financial cover in the event travel plans need to be changed due to COVID-19. Ensure you are clear on your Travel Insurance policy covers and whether there is Cancellation coverage as well as Medical Coverage including pandemics as a stipulation. 

Read our Cancellation policy for more information.
Should I purchase health insurance before travelling to the Cook Islands?

Yes. Visitors must meet their own medical costs during their time in the Cook Islands, including medical evacuation to New Zealand if specialist care is required. We recommend visitors take out health insurance to cover unexpected costs.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19 and travelling to the Cook Islands?

Visit the Cook Islands Travel Advisory or the official Cook Islands Government COVID-19 Response website

Is there a shuttle service from the Airport?

Yes.  Ensure you let us know your incoming flight number when you book, and you will be greeted at the airport and brought to your villa.

This is a FREE service.

When can we check-in and check-out?
Check-in: Between 2:30pm and 7:30pm
Check-out: By 10:00am on day of departure.
Read our Terms of Service for full details.
Do you have snorkeling gear?
Should I bring Reef Shoes?


Although you can walk in the lagoon waters, we recommend that you bring reef shoes to protect your feet from sharp rocks and shells.
What Time Zone is used for Aitutaki?
Is there Wi-Fi that we can use?

Yes.  There is a Wi-Fi hotspot available at an additional cost.

Can I get a Local SIM Card for my phone?

Yes. You can get a Vodafone Travel SIM from the Vodafone store. This is a 5 min drive to the town.

Don't forget to take your Passport for ID when you go.

Why can't I arrive on Sunday?

Aitutaki is a religious community, and Sunday is the day that the majority of residents attend church.  This is also why you will find a number of the local businesses are closed on a Sunday.

This also allows us to ensure our staff get the day off to attend their church services.

Why are my Credit Card details collected if payment is not being taken when I book?

Credit Card details are collected in-lieu of taking a deposit at the time of booking.  Payment is processed on or before your arrival with us.

Our booking system uses security standards consistent with Payment Card Industry Standard (PCI DSS) and our provider is globally certified and undertakes annual audits.

You can view our providers full privacy policy online.